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Rafal Zawistowski

Canadian - Polish,  born, 1981  painter

Rafal Zawistowski: spent a year in Florence, Italy as part of his education; where he exhibited his artwork whilst studying the renaissance - the themes and images of which play a key role in his artwork to date. Popes, Saints and and other religious iconography, are literally sculpted and scraped on to the canvas, producing images that are both recognisable and unknowable with a high tension between canvas and paint, that is echoed in the eternal conflict of the here and the hereafter as symbolised by the ever constant halo. In 2011 Zawistowski featured in the New Contemporaries Exhibition from which Charles Saatchi first purchased the artists works. The following year Saatchi bought the contents of Zawistowski's first solo exhibition, ensuite. Zawistowski now attracts worldwide collectors and exhibits regularly in solo and group exhibitions. The work here was created for and curated by Graham Hunter Gallery "The Unkindness" in 2012 and plays on themes of mans mistrust and myth as to the character of the Raven. For example the story of Noah: "And he sent out a raven, and it flew here and there until the water was dried up from the earth." but the Raven failed to bring Noah hope or evidence of receeding water, unlike the meek dove that followed and returned faithfully with the Olive leaf. The dove is the hero whilst the Raven's name is forever blackened and mistrusted.

The gallery maintains a turning stock of quality lithographs, artists posters and prints along with drawings, original paintings and sculpture.


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