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 A retrospective of 10 years painting printing and sticking in the studio April 3rd to 22nd.

Graham Hunter is pleased to introduce you to Gurley a unique creative 
who has

built an incredible body of work over the past decade, bringing an incisive feminine
eye to her art, lending it an urban feel whilst engaging in a conversation about
popular culture and its many varied textures.

"Gurley's artwork is a constant build-up of artistic processes - developing early
ideas with collage and mixed media she then transfers her work to silk screens
creating unique and individual works."

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In the studio, she is as relaxed as any artist that ever was. It is a space that feels

womb-like, ripe for the creation of art.

"Personal photos, her own imagery, and writing are put together with mass media
imagery evoking a feeling of familiarity with a seemingly chaotic structure."

Do not miss this show, it will definitely entertain you because ultimately, from
within its many layers, small insightful messages emerge and all our complex
emotions and human interactions are revealed. The trick is that Gurly makes you
think she has peeled back layers to reveal truths but actually, she is layering up life on top of life, experience upon experience whilst revealing only that she wants you
to see. It is vibrant and meaningful.



The gallery always holds a good stock of original lithographs, posters and prints


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